All cooking classes stress creating healthy eating habits, but more importantly how much frickin' FUN it is to be in the kitchen creating something special and amazing for yourself or for your family. 

  • Lady-Friends Cooking Class - This one's for the girls!  Robin will come into your kitchen and demonstrate simple, healthy cooking techniques and recipes with your lady-friends gathered around to share in the meal.  Free recipe "book" and fun for all!  BYOB!!
  • Couples Cooking Class - You and your sweetie creating some sweet stuff in your own kitchen - chez romantique!
  • Collegiate Kick Starter - Ahh . . . they're finally off to college to spend all your hard earned money.  At least they can spend it on healthy food!  This is for groups no matter collegiate affiliation.
  • Kiddo-Kooks - Who DOESN'T want their kids to be able to whip up a little something in the kitchen AND clean up after themselves.  Healthy snacks and easy meals to prepare with emphasis on "the best cook is a clean cook".

Please contact Robin via email ( for pricing and creating a cooking class unique to you and your group of peeps!