Vegan Jackpot?

Look at all this AMAZING, scrumptious vegan food I found at the local grocery!  I've hit the jackpot!  Vegan gold in them-there hills!  Yep . . . this stuff IS vegan, and if you are a vegan, you COULD dive deep into lots of chips, soda, and candy.  YUM-yum-YUMMY??  

If you are nodding your head "YES!",  . . . (and I don't mean to judge . . . or maybe I do . . . ) for God's sake . . . REALLY?  This stuff is processed crap for your body.  It may LOOK a little healthier because it is gluten-free, uses organic this or that, or contains PURE cane sugar (OMG!  It's pure . . . it MUST be good for me!), but it still is not good for the ol' "temple" (I am referring to your body).  

Lesson?  (Stick with me, because these are golden little nuggets of wisdom.  Yes, I DO have fleeting moments of sheer genius)  1.  LOOK at the ingredients in the food that you buy.  If you don't know what the heck the ingredient is or if it's a list that makes Santa look like a minimalist, you may want to put it back on the shelf and JUST MOVE ON.   2.  Stay away from processed foods, unless they are processed by you in your kitchen using clean, and, if possible, organic ingredients.  PLUS . . . if it's cooked from the heart with love and goodness . . . it has an energy that is amazing for you and your loved ones that eat it.   Now, that's good stuff!