Vegan Victory!

Okay . . . I'm really NOT eating cheeseburgers and fried chicken a whole lot . . . probably one of the healthier eaters you might know (sans those on a juicing diet or strictly whole-food diet - aka lunatics).  I only eat meat once or twice a week and find broccoli MUCH more tempting than an Oreo cookie (yes, I MIGHT have a screw loose, but broccoli is f**king amazing - up yours Nabisco!).  However, the BUTTER and the CHEESE???  TOTAL TEMPTATION!!  I mean . . . butter on Chris Bianco bread (shout out to Chris Bianco!!  "Please let me hang out with you for a Sunday afternoon with your Sunday gravy recipe!!).  I have conquered and divided?? the creamy pasta/vegan dilemma (well . . . at least mine).  I created an absolutely DELICIOUS pasta dish WITHOUT dairy . . . can I get some thunderous applause??  Take a look people . . . it's called VEGAN VICTORY!!!  Hells yeah!  Oh yeah . . . Shout out to SOL KITCHEN . . . Amazing Vegan Cheeses and "Meats"!!