Vegan Jackpot?

Look at all this AMAZING, scrumptious vegan food I found at the local grocery!  I've hit the jackpot!  Vegan gold in them-there hills!  Yep . . . this stuff IS vegan, and if you are a vegan, you COULD dive deep into lots of chips, soda, and candy.  YUM-yum-YUMMY??  

If you are nodding your head "YES!",  . . . (and I don't mean to judge . . . or maybe I do . . . ) for God's sake . . . REALLY?  This stuff is processed crap for your body.  It may LOOK a little healthier because it is gluten-free, uses organic this or that, or contains PURE cane sugar (OMG!  It's pure . . . it MUST be good for me!), but it still is not good for the ol' "temple" (I am referring to your body).  

Lesson?  (Stick with me, because these are golden little nuggets of wisdom.  Yes, I DO have fleeting moments of sheer genius)  1.  LOOK at the ingredients in the food that you buy.  If you don't know what the heck the ingredient is or if it's a list that makes Santa look like a minimalist, you may want to put it back on the shelf and JUST MOVE ON.   2.  Stay away from processed foods, unless they are processed by you in your kitchen using clean, and, if possible, organic ingredients.  PLUS . . . if it's cooked from the heart with love and goodness . . . it has an energy that is amazing for you and your loved ones that eat it.   Now, that's good stuff!


Vegan Manifesto . . . The Untold Story

What the hell is that?  Yep, it's my beautiful 52 year old abs (go ahead . . .  throw your head back in laughter).  If you look closer there are three scars visible (although I really have four).  The one around my belly button I've named my "Harry Potter" scar . . . although I didn't get it from the dark lord Voldemort.  I had a little bout with the "Colon Cancer".  Yep.  Found out on my 52nd birthday and had my colon completely resected within the week.  Now, that's some scary shit.  Good news . . . I'm healthy and no chemo or radiation needed.  So, when I say I want to try a vegan diet . . . I'm searching for health and a way to do a pre-emptive strike on cancer coming back into my body.  My oncologist says that Colon Cancer is on the rise and they don't know why.  The lesson my friends  . . .  get your colonoscopy at 50.  Do what you can NOW to get healthy (OH YEAH . . . I CAN HELP WITH THAT . . . I'M A HEALTH COACH!).  ". . . vegan diets showed statistically significant protection for overall cancer . . . and decreased risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal system."  Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2013 Feb;22(2):286-94. doi: 10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-12-1060. Epub 2012 Nov 20.

Vegan Victory!

Okay . . . I'm really NOT eating cheeseburgers and fried chicken a whole lot . . . probably one of the healthier eaters you might know (sans those on a juicing diet or strictly whole-food diet - aka lunatics).  I only eat meat once or twice a week and find broccoli MUCH more tempting than an Oreo cookie (yes, I MIGHT have a screw loose, but broccoli is f**king amazing - up yours Nabisco!).  However, the BUTTER and the CHEESE???  TOTAL TEMPTATION!!  I mean . . . butter on Chris Bianco bread (shout out to Chris Bianco!!  "Please let me hang out with you for a Sunday afternoon with your Sunday gravy recipe!!).  I have conquered and divided?? the creamy pasta/vegan dilemma (well . . . at least mine).  I created an absolutely DELICIOUS pasta dish WITHOUT dairy . . . can I get some thunderous applause??  Take a look people . . . it's called VEGAN VICTORY!!!  Hells yeah!  Oh yeah . . . Shout out to SOL KITCHEN . . . Amazing Vegan Cheeses and "Meats"!!

My Vegan Manifesto

I hold these truths to be self-evident . . . I, Robin Meservey, shall maintain a completely vegan diet from here said date of February 1, 2018 through February 28, 2018.  Even though I may walk through the fiery and delicious temptations of cheeseburgers, fried chicken. REALLY good cheese, and BUTTER (yes, people, BUTTER - that golden, fat-laden dairy accompaniment that makes EVERYTHING taste better), I shall persevere and be a joyful, healthy vegan-ite.  So help me God.  Cross my fingers . . . hope to not die.